Streets of the world and its people

Texts by Eduardo López Moreno®


The photos are the expression of my intuition, perhaps of my desires, my own synthesis of the world condensed in a moment.

To travel and discover the world with its streets and its people, but the part that responds to my interest about things, my vision and philosophy of life.

The image murmurs some phrases that each person listens and interprets in their own way.


Doubt, desire, indifference and trust; a cluster of different looks that crash with the camera lens.

Portrait 00000
Director’s Awards 2017 Cartier – Bresson Passport Prize in Street Photography

Walk around the city and portray what appears spontaneously, but not all, a piece of landscape and reality and the fiction that goes with it. The characters are almost always taken by surprise and thus do not influence their own representation.

Portrait 007

Images that are the time of the people and also the people in their time. A testimony without performance, as a visual archive of uses and customs, of ways of being and living.

Streets of the World

The streets are broken lines that make you think you know them, and suddenly they change: colors, shapes, faces, width, smells … everything changes, until they no longer recognize you.

Streets of the world 001

We mark the streets, we collect parts of them, a corner, a tree, a bar. They also mark us with space and memories.



The streets are a storm of things, a shipwreck of ideas, a unique grammar of the city.

Walking alone on the small street to learn about the narrative that space contains.

Streets of the world 010Streets of the world 006

It is impossible to realize how an urban landscape begins and flows. New texts and patterns emerge, new streets.

Streets of the world 007

Urban Minorities

Pieces of concepts that do not fit, dreams that do not complement each other, differences that are not reconciled. Photographs of a here and a now, of places that do not look like others places, of lives that seek spaces in other paths and light in other roads, and that to do so they leave other lives and other dreams.

Urban Minorities 001

Sometimes a contact and sometimes an abyss, bridges that do not join, but also walls that do not grow, different realities that thrive in frontier deserts.

Urban Minorities 002

Encounters between strange and strange encounters that are uncertain, fluid, unfinished and unforeseen, almost always happen in the city of others.


Images that are sensitive to the context and images that are the context, and bring out ephemeral bonds and important ties.

Occupying the City

The streets are representations of trajectories, people, objects and places that together they recreate their own cartography, often alternative.

Occupying the Cities 001

Live life with courage and sometimes fear, but not with resignation. Walk the streets in looking for an anticipated event that does not come and suddenly hear the noise of a shutter.

Conceive an image in the span of a presence that transits. Focus one a smile, a necklace or a look. Make room for the universe in an instant and guess the mystery of light that becomes metric.


Pilgrim through the streets wanting modify the how and the moment, try to change that part of destiny that makes us appear and disappear by the extremities of time.

Occupying the Cities 005Occupying the Cities 006

Characters that move to the center and at the ends of the image. In places that are of all and none at the same time; living in the intersection of differences.

Collective Pain

Whey drops measure the time in pavilions of malaise and collective pain. Men and women in white wander through corridors besieged by illness and suffering. Rows of beds like a military camp shelter a suffering people who fight day and night to recover the voice and the word that has been taken by a complaint and a lament.

Collective Pain 001

Smells and rumors arrive in stampedes. There is a collective learning of the death and a general teaching to be brave.

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