Cities’ images

Texts by Eduardo López Moreno®

Go for a walk in the streets without a script. Rewrite a monograph of the place with my steps, periods and commas. Catch lights and shadows of the twilight that escapes little by little through the camera.

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Bangkok 005
Bangkok, Thailand
Barcelona 003
Barcelona, Spain


Belem 008
Belem, Brazil
Brasilia 003
Brasilia, Brazil
Busan 008
Busan, Korea
Chapala 002
Chapala, México
Colombo, Sri Lianka
Daar es Salaam, Tanzania
Kampala 001
Kampala, Uganda


Kuala Lumpur 006
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Madrid 001
Madrid, España
CDMX 005
Mexico city, Mexico
Montreal 001
Montreal, Canada
Nairobi Slums005
Nairobi slums, Kenya
Nairobi somali neighborhood, Kenya
Naivasha 003
Naivasha , Kenya
New Delhi 002
New Delhi, India


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