The Passporte Prize

for Street Photography Honoring Cartier-Bresson

Director’s Award: Eduardo Lopez Moreno
Honorable Mentions: Kip Harris, Evgeniya Palevskaya and Dotan Saguy

The photographers who earned Honorable Mentions in the Cartier-Bresson Passporte Prize competition are well on the path to succeeding in elusive moments, and in confidence I feel the photograph awarded the Juror’s Prize has captured all the elements that make a great, magical photograph.”


Bronze in Press/Feature Story 
Company: Social Photographers 
Photographer: Eduardo López Moreno 

Serum drops measure the time in pavilions of discomfort and collective pain. Men and
women dressed in white roam through corridors beset by disease and suffering. These are
the public hospitals of many cities often times rich and poor alike. Rows of beds like a
military camp house the unfortunate that struggle day and night to recover their voice and
words that had been taken up by complaints and laments.

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international Black y White Photography Contest. 


TRIPLE JEOPARDY AND LIGHT DESPITE ALL. Young Somalis displaced from the war in their country, living in poor conditions in a refugee camp and with a complete vision loss; a triple jeopardy, an unfair destiny, for such early lives. They patiently learn Braille every day in ‘Horyal’, a primary school that means ‘showing the path’, a revealing possibility that despite all odds casts some light in in a road strewn with obstacles. This is Dadaab the Refugee Camp with nearly 250 thousand people at the border between Kenya and Somalia; a ‘city’ the size of Nice in France, or Bari in Italy

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People – Honorable Mention Monochrome Awards 2017

Gold in Editorial/Conflict
Bronze in Editorial/Photo Essay
Silver in People/Children


Borno and Leaving In a Refugee Camp 

1st place winner in Editorial. 

LIVING IN REFUGEE CAMPS People in refugee camps who are often spectral identities who live without dialogue, without answers to their questions, and without future. Their realities are not ephemeral, but only detached from our lives. The camps in the lands of nobody subsist with actions that are untiringly repeated, creating a constant that we do not perceive.

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Gold – Events Voluminous, Budapest International Awards (BIFA)


From Rubens to Botero and Saville, images of voluminous women. A volumetric exaltation of female human body that depicts amplitude and expansiveness in a way that seems to be beyond control and voluptuousness. A visual narrative about abundance, sensuality and other form of aesthetics.

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A man like anyone else, good, drunkard, according to his wife, was sitting on a bench in the main square of his town in the wrong place at the wrong time, when two rival drug gangs confronted each other, taking by accident his life.

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I Started photography end 2015

★ 17 honorable mentions, International Photography Awards (2016), USA

★ 1 honorable mention, One Shoot: Climate Change Competition (2017). 

★ Director’s Award 2017, Cartier-Bresson Passporte Prize, Street Photography & additional 6 photo nominations (06-2017) ( 

★ First place, International Photography Awards (2017), Non-Professional Event: Social Cause.

★ Bronze medal, Paris Photo Prize Px3 (2017), Press-Featured Story “Collective Pain” (

★ First Place, PHOTO+, PDN Faces Photography Contest (2017), New York

★ 6 honorable mentions, Monochrome Photography Awards (2017), Category people (

★ First prize, Smart Arts category, Digital Camera’s Photographer of the Year competition (2017) (mobile). 

★ First place, early Entry winner, PDN, Rangefinder, WPPI, One Life International photography competition (2017) (

★ Aline Smithson Juror’s Selection, New York Center for Photographic Art, ONE Call (2017) ( 

★ Silver Medal, Editorial, General News, Tokyo International Photo Awards (2017) (

★ Winner 2017, ‘35 Awards – 100 Best Photos of the Year (2017), Black and White category, Moscow, selected among more than 103 thousand participants, 160 countries, and 257 thousand photos (

★ Third place black and white, Best 100 Photographers of the Year (2017), Moscow, ( 

 ★ Winner Photo Mark of Excellence’, Black and White, ‘I Shot It’ Leica Competition (2018) (– Most popular photo Black and White 2018 

★ Second place, Black and White Photographer of the Year competition (2018), Black and White Magazine and Fujifilm ( 

★ Winner photo, Black Box Gallery, Black and White Competition (2018), USA.

★ Third place, Digital Camera Photographer of the Year (2018), Character Study (

★ Sony World Photography Awards (2018), ‘Commended’ photo on Portraiture Category, Open Competition with more than 320,008 images entered from 210 countries. 

★ 2nd Place Black and White, Praxis Gallery Photo Competition, 2018. 

★ Honorable Mention, Mono-Kromatic competition, Minnesota (2018), USA

★ Third Place, International Photography and Arts Community People and Animals, Zebra Black and White Competition, additional 7 finalist photos (  

★ Smithsonian Photo Contest, Editor’s Pick, series blind, 2018 

★ Editorial Photographer of the Year 2018 / Bronze in Editorial-Photo Essay / Silver in People-Children /  Moscow International Photo Awards (MIFA) (

★ 3rd Place, Event – Social Cause, International Photo Awards (IPA), curated by Catherine Edelman.

★ Top 20 finalists, FOCUS Photo, l.a. Summer edition (2018), Les Rencontres de la Photography, Arles, France.  

★ National Geographic, Travel Photographer of the Year (2018), Galleries People W. 4, (

★ First Place, PDN, NY and Photocrowd, London, Photojournalism in Black and White (2018), 


★ Honorable Mention, Neutral Density Photography Awards, Professional (2019), (

★ Winner Photo Mark of Excellence’, City, ‘I Shot It’ Leica Competition (2018) 


★ 2nd place winner, juror Louise Fedotov, Black and White competition, New York Center for Photographic Art (2018), USA.

★ Gold Winner Editorial personality and people, Tokyo International Awards 2018 (

★ Royal Photography Society, short-listed, International Photography Exhibition 161 (2018 and 2019), London (

★ Honorable Mention, International Photography Awards (IPA), Voluminous, 2019.

★ Chosen Winner, American Photographer AP35, Archive at, February 2019, USA.

★ Winner, Portal Southeast Center, Portals photo competitions, Juror Jane Szabo, USA, 2019. 

★ AAP Magazine, Street Photo,, photo competition, short-listed, 2019. 

★ Group winner, Black Box Gallery, Framed: Portrait Photography, Juried by: Todd Johnson, 2019. 

★ Silver Award, Emotive Portrait, Better Photography Magazine, Photo of the Year 2019, 2019,

★ Finalist, Swiss Photo Club, Photo Awards 2019, Geneva 2019. 

★ Honorable Mention, Chromatic Awards, International Color Photography Awards, people, 2019

★ Gold – Events, Voluminous, Budapest International Awards (BIFA), 2019

★ 4 Honorable Mentions, editorial and photojournalism, Monochrome Awards – 2019 (

★ 1st Place Winner, photojournalism, MPA, Blind in Refugee Awards, 2019 (

★ Spider Award, Black and White, Nomination, Photojournalism, 2020

★ Head On Festival, semifinalist, portraits, 2020

★ Viewbug, Summer Award, black and white, 2020

★ Urban 2020 Photo Exhibition, Photo selected, color, 2020

★ Moscow International Foto Awards, Gold Medal Editorial and general News, silver personal portfolio, 2020

★ Praxis Gallery, Minneapolis, Juried Photo Exhibition, Open Theme, 2020  

★ Finalist, DotArt, Urban 2020 Single Pictures, Trieste Photo Days, People, 2020  

★ Grey Cube Gallery, City Art Show, Merit Award,

★ Winner Photo Mark of Excellence’, Black and White, ‘I Shot It’ Leica Competition (2020)

★ Black Box Gallery, honorable mention, visions: black and white, 2020 

★ Px3 State of the World’s Winners, Paris Photography Prize, curated selection, 2020

★ Px3 Prix de la Photography Paris, Silver in Press, 2020

★ 4 Honorable Mentions, photojournalism, Monochrome Awards – 2020 (

★ Nominee in Architecture, 14th Annual International Color Awards 2021 —
The Maya House, Campeche.

★ Photographer of the Year, Budapest International Foto Awards, BIFA, Photojournalism,  Winner, 2020 (