About me

My passion

I am an architect, with a master in sociology and PhD in urban geography. I studied
photography nearly 40 years ago. Currently, I am preparing a book of photography entitled
“Streets of the World and Their People” with short narratives accompanying the photos. I
am considered as a social photographer. (https://eduardolopezmorenophoto.com).
I like to travel and meet the world with its streets and its people, but the part that responds to my
interest, my vision and philosophy of life. These images are a look at someone's world, a journey
into their space and their life; an attempt to build a story without affection, but part of a social
I present different stories that intersect in the streets and in their plurality create a certain
connection; a new sense. These images can be a set or a detail, an action, a look or a hand; a fixed
temporality that captures movement. A piece of something that states a vaster space.
I believe that working with simple narratives of contrasted images, such as rich-poor, black-white
or north-south, are deprived of any conceptual construct. It is about abusing simple photographic
oppositions. I want to build visual bridges that bring closer different people, places and words, in
an attempt to unit and integrate through symbols, images and spaces. The essence of parks,
markets, religious celebrations, city functions, and movements of people, all reflect a way of being
that after all have too many similarities, and points in common in many parts of the world.
My images aim to reunite us with the common man, using a simple visual grammar that reveals the
value of the everyday hidden life. Images that are the time of the people and the people in their
time. This is particularly the case with the Refugee Camps.
Photos are the expression of my intuition, perhaps of my desires, my own synthesis of the world
condensed in a moment. I hope these images arouse more suspicions than certainties in a way
that is possible to speculate with them to open paths of contrasting narratives.
I walk around the city and photograph what spontaneously appears, but not all, a piece of
landscape and the reality and the fiction that goes with it. The characters are always taken by
surprise and thus do not influence their own representation. Walk and learn about the narrative that
space contains, finding a storm of things, a shipwreck of ideas, a unique grammar of the city. Walk
without a script to rewrite a monograph of the place with my steps, periods and images. Catch
lights and shadows of the twilight that escapes little by little through the camera.
Conceive an image in the span of a presence that transits. Focus on a smile, a necklace or a look.
Give room to the universe in an instant and guess the mystery of the light that becomes metric.


I started photography end 2015.
– 17 honorable mentions for the International Photography Awards 2016 and an additional one in
2017 in the One Shoot: Climate Change Competition.
– Director’s Award 2017 of the Cartier-Bresson Passporte Prize in Street Photography with
additional 6 photo nominations (June 2017) (http://www.thepassporte.com/2017-

– First place in the International Photography Awards 2017, USA, Non-Professional Event: Social
– Bronze medal in the Paris Photo Prize (Px3) 2017 for the Press- Featured Story “Collective Pain”
and one Honorable Mention in the same year.
– First Place in the PHOTO+, PDN Faces Photography Contest 2017, New York
– 6 honorable mentions in the Monochrome Photography Awards 2017, Category people
– First prize in the Smart Arts category of Digital Camera's Photographer of the Year competition
2017 (mobile).
– Second place in the Black and White Photographer of the Year competition 2018 organized by
Black and White Magazine and Fujifilm (https://www.bpoty.com).
– Black Box Gallery, Black and White 2018 Competition, winner photo.
– Early Entry winner 2017, PDN, Rangefinder, WPPI, One Life International photography
– Aline Smithson Juror’s Selection for the ONE 2017 Call, New York Center for Photographic Art
– Third place in the Digital Camera Photographer of the Year 2018, Character Study
– Sony World Photography Awards (2018), ‘Commended’ photo on Portraiture Category, Open
Competition with more than 320,008 images entered from 210 countries.
– Silver Medal, Editorial, General News, Tokyo International Photo Awards (2017)
– ‘Winner Photo Mark of Excellence’, Black and White ‘I Shot It’ Leica Competition 2018
– (http://www.i-shot-it.com/photo-competition-results.php).
– Honorable Mention in the Mono-Kromatic competition, Minnesota, USA
– Third Place People and Animals, International Photography and Arts Community, Zebra Black
and White Competition, additional 7 finalist photos (Tzipac.com).
– First place ‘35 Awards – 100 Best Photos of the Year 2017’ Black and White category, selected
among more than 103 thousand participants, 160 countries, and 257 thousand photos.
– Third place black and white, Best 100 Photographers of the Year 2017.
– Gold in Editorial-Conflict / Bronze in Editorial-Photo Essay / Silver in People-Children / 1st place
winner in Editorial. Moscow International Photo Awards (MIFA)


In 2016, United Nations in Kenya organized a solo photo exhibition named “University of
Garissa: A History of Hope and Change”.
The Gallery Transient organized a solo photo exhibition of my pictures in May 2017 entitled
Open Classrooms Close the Door to Terrorism (Nairobi).
Black Box Gallery, curated one of my pictures for the Black and White 2018 exhibition
Oregon, USA (March 2018)

New York Center for Photographic Art, ONE 2017, Jazmin Gallery, New York
Photography Show in the NEC Birmingham, UK. In March 2018.
Somerset Gallery, London Sony World Photography Awards, projection (May 2018).
Photo projected at ICA Gallery, Tokyo, awarded photo, 12-16 May 2018
Praxis Gallery and Photographic Art Center, Minnesota, USA (4-31/05/2018,

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